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Freakin LOVE that game!!! Ansell and I play as Gaige and Zero and I totally ship them now

I am SUPER addicted right now! I also play as Gaige because Mechromancers ROCK!!!

Send questions to my muse’s future self!


Here’s some ideas to start you off:

  • "How’s your work doing?"
  • "Have you met a special someone?"
  • "Do you like what you’ve become?"
  • "Do you like your past self?"
  • "How long do you have left?"
  • "Do you miss anyone?"

Or think of your own! What does the future hold?

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"Then we must find shelter." Ori watched the sky warily. The sky was dark and turning more gloomy by the second.

Hadrian frowned. “I’d hoped to cover more distance than this but I suppose.. This is as good a place to rest for the night as any.” He glared at the ominous sky, as if his icy state would cause the pendulous clouds to recede.

Ori sighed as she noted how little they had traveled compared to how much they were supposed to. “Perhaps we can cross more distance once the weather clears?”

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I fucking dare you.

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"P-people have sex against BOOKSHELVES?!"

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"Impressive, that they let you stand guard of them."

Stahl turned back to her book, flipping a page and drawing her finger carefully down a sketch of a steel-handled halberd. Handy weapon for a dwarf, she imagined. Shorter figure, easy to swing at the knees- not bad.

"Don’t worry, Ori." She splayed one scrubbed hand out at the woman and wiggled her fingers, grinning wryly. "All clean. I wouldn’t come in here all covered in soot. Balin would have my head and if that tone of yours held true, I’m sure I’d be missing before the end of the week."

"They really let me do whatever I want in this branch." Ori sighed and pulled up a chair to sit on. "I’m the youngest librarian given such an honor and the purposely gave me the most dead wing to care for. It was both a curse and a blessing in a way.

"Sorry." She smiled sheepishly. "I take my books very seriously."

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playing a bunch of Borderlands 2 and it is giving me some messed up/ angsty au ideas lmao



The dwarf was dedicated, she’d certainly give her that.

Finally dropping her book to her lap, the redhead held out a piece of parchment to Ori. She’d come prepared, though she hadn’t expected she’d need to, especially when it came to the librarian.

"Permission from the prince. I’m working on a new line of axes- he said I could give them a historical spin. Not stealing all the little secrets from down here."

She gestured behind her and ran a hand down one book’s spine, whistling curiously.

"Secret ingredients. Jewel locations. Architectural gems- very well kept."

Frowning as she inspected the paper, the girl was still very wary about letting anyone but herself touch the books.

"W-well… As long as you have permission." She relented but still stood her ground as she watched the other. "J-just um… you don’t need to put it away when you’re done. I can do it."

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